Healing Stanzas is a reflective writing initiative that aims to support the well-being of Kent State students, faculty, and staff.

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A Multi-Disciplinary Project at Kent State University

Healing Stanzas: Caring for Our Minds and Bodies through Reflective Writing is a collaboration between the Wick Poetry Center, the Brain Health Research Institute, and the Healthy Communities Research Institute. This project combines the science of brain health and public health with the creative energy of the humanities to provide Kent State University students, staff, and faculty with an opportunity to improve wellness through reflective poetry.

Phase 1: Fall 2021

Wick Poetry Center teaching artists will visit classrooms to lead expressive writing exercises inspired by one of three Healing Stanzas model poems. If you are interested in having a teaching artist visit your classroom, please see the “contact us” link below.


Join a Community Poem

We’ve compiled three different Healing Stanzas model poems and writing prompts. To contribute to our community poem please click on the “Share Your Voice” button.

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Are you interested in volunteering? Hosting a workshop? Scheduling a teaching artist to facilitate a classroom experience? Fill out our contact form to inquire.


Growing evidence suggests that poetry writing positively impacts brain health and mental well-being. For over a decade, Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center has used creative writing tools and practices to create connection and increase belonging in our community.

Project Directors

Heather Caldwell, PhD., Clare Stacey, PhD., David Hassler, M.F.A.


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